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Saturday, October 01, 2005

This week I ran 20.28 miles, burned 2,452.5 calories and weigh 164.3 pounds. I need to monitor what and how much I eat more closely. Perhaps reserve the sweets as a Sunday treat.

This year, so far, I've ran 601.23 miles and burned 75,573.8 calories.

Monday ran 5K in 34:57
Tuesday did 239 Hindu squats, 12 Hindu push-ups and held a Back bridge for 43 seconds
Wednesday ran 4 miles in 44:14
Thursday ran 5K in 33:41
Friday did 254 Hindu squats, 14 Hindu push-ups and held a Back bridge for 50 seconds
Saturday ran 9 miles in 1:49:00

Goofy spam names and Zen koans:
Indeed quick results!
Endeavour to read carefully
Green towers te regala Chevrolet nuevecito!!!
Reputable watches is low priced
Hot Cars Cool Prices Linda Causey slay
you gonna to paradise
if you are sick of your job, be a cop, it's fun
barstow Less costing drugg stoore. crucible
new car for even bad ccrreddiit
Don't expose your intimate life!
A satellite phone will keep you talking.
Why let people know about your intimate life? (Because it is great and it pisses off lonely people or people in loveless relationships)
Want Proof?
No trees were harmed in the making of this floor.
Did You Watch Desperate Housewives or Lost? (neither)
Your Dreams Are Trying to Tell You Something
counterpoise Pharrtmaceutical
Be a style master. Shine with these superb watches.
Only decicive people need to open!!! (Those of you who can spell decisive - go away!!!)
you wont find anything better Suzanne
Can you handle this project?
Ready to take a vacation? (Yes)
I crave your indulgence (Sir, I don't know you)
River have immediate release
There she blows!
Has anyone stolen your dreams (Jeez, I hope not)
loathsome Pharrnmaceutical
It doesn't hurt to check Summer (I've checked Summer - it's hot, damn hot and has overstayed past Autumn)
Isolde have immediate release
We post universally.
Cecilia have immediate release
Linda, thank you for your....
Mommy give Iessons seven inferno
It doesn't hurt to check Darren (I prefer Dick Sargent over Dick York)
Loose yet WIN with Hoodia!
Want the sex life to be like it used to? (No - I used to not have one)
Content lallygag
Reply with honesty
where is most of your casgh? (In my sock drawer)

Why does wet dog food stink up the whole house? Dogs have a better sense of smell than humans.

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