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Saturday, October 15, 2005

This week I ran 23.12 miles, burned 2,784.6 calories and weigh 163.8 pounds.

Monday ran 5K in 33:41
Wednesday ran 5 miles in 53:20
Friday ran 5K in 32:31
Saturday ran 11 miles in 2:16:00

Next week I'm going to try some new routines on my non-running days.

I paid for my entry for the Woodstock Howl-A-Ween 5K which will take place on October 29th.

Lola skipped adoption because she has an application for a great home and it looks like she will be in her forever home by next weekend.

Lola also participated in some painting. When I went to training she was covered in red and green paint. I took some pictures with my phone. I need to get a cable so that I can download the pictures that I have taken.

Goofy spam names:
Pansy Hooker
Queen Skinner
Accept U. Venuses
Mercy Schlapp
Dorthea H. Muscled

Spam Zen koans:
Be a fab master. Enjoy these exquisite watches.
Every man must have sex! MUST!!!
you can get your dream job
you can get money tomorrow
Meet someone tonight and someone else tomorrow
Companies that are hiring employees like you. (Nobody wants an employee like me.)
Linda, on a personal level
operant Vigilant Parcel, Wide-Reaching Posting. parks
Linda We can show you how
There she blows!
Shoot five times as much
Today can make a difference
Polls don't IMPEACH presidents; People do!
Laurentiu Shuffler Great position
NataIi and her daddy batavia
boat Extended medicinal selections satiate your needs. damsel
Dirt Hunter hunts down dirt where it hides Linda
It doesn't hurt to check Bill
Kindly Assist


protheus said...

I got tired while reading your running routine!

WCW said...

Mercy Schlapp aint spam! She is the host of the new Republican propaganda network "In the Know".