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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another free icon for your use. Ella Byrd, next Dalai Lama or drug dealer? You decide. This icon would have more meaning if your name is Mary.

Only your higher truth REALLY knows what's best for you! Ella needs to switch to decaf. The use of exclamation points indicates she is too excited for sitting around and drinking coffee. Her old lady heart may stop.

IRONY!?! Where the hell is the irony?! My brain is a bit fogged by a virus. Somebody show me the irony. Oog has invented third degree burns not irony. Is this Alanis Morrisette irony? I hope not because I don't like that song. Ironic or not, I don't like that song one bit.

It's not just Ruthie, the whole family is retarded or Dad is into making puns at inappropriate times.

Harriet could benefit from freaky, creepy Hollywood plastic surgery because of her one pointy tit and three eyes.

If that is a marker she is holding in hand then this comic has reached another level of weird. She drew the the picture on the mirror, converses with it and doesn't cast a reflection. No wonder the orange cat/lump/alien is cross-eyed. Harriet is bat-shit insane.

Maybe I need to be turned toward my own higher truth! Only my higher truth REALLY knows what's best for me! Now, I just need to find a dealer.

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