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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another beautiful day, another icon

Another beautiful day and another Mary Worth icon. A classic Mary Worth audible punctuation dialog balloon. Why not, huh? That would make more sense since a sound goes with the word. A question mark by itself does not have a sound. It alters the sound of a word, unless one hails from parts of the southern United States. People from those regions tend to make every sentence sound like a question.

I noticed that KFC no longer advertises its Famous Bowls. I guess the demographic that enjoys its food in a huge pile rather than separated does not have as much disposable income as thought by the marketers at KFC. In the non-cracker south, gravy does not belong on top of corn. Non-cracker south includes most of the southern United States.

Why does Kentucky Fried Chicken use a sample from "Sweet Home Alabama" in its commercials? The unavailability of songs about Kentucky suitable for marketing products?

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