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Friday, April 13, 2007

Church business and dog farts

I did not update the website last night. I had a church Board meeting last night that went a little long.

Four very important items were discussed.

  1. Hiring a bookkeeper - motion passed. This will cut down on the hours the Treasurer has to spend working on things. Our church has grown beyond the only qualification for Treasurer is simply being able to balance a checkbook. The treasurer will oversee the finances but the bookkeeper will do the data entry and generate reports.

  2. Search process - found out some details about candidating week and took care of some other matters regarding the search.

  3. Proposed budget explained and approved pending modifications as new pledges come in. The finance committee did an outstanding job on this and the membership has been quite generous in its pledging.

  4. A mutually beneficial proposal regarding a parking lot was discussed, explained and approved to move forward. The congregation will be informed and consulted as details come together.

The meeting was productive and all four items were discussed and acted upon appropriately. This was my penultimate meeting as Board president. This was one of the more enjoyable meetings that I presided over in my tenure. It ran a bit long but each of these things discussed will make a substantial difference in the life of the church. A certain amount of fulfillment from that helps compensate for the meeting length. Maybe the food helped - a windfall from my department ordering too much food for an event.

I did not bother turning on my computer last night. Messages to me should start bouncing as my inbox becomes clogged with spam.

I will update tonight.

A bit of wisdom gained from experience: Do not feed a dog cheese after 9:00 pm unless one wants to awaken at 3:00 am to allow the dog to take care of business. Cheese induced dog farts will really wake you up in the morning. Sort of an olfactory equivalent to a 2x4 upside the head.


The King Features colorist applied the red a bit heavily on the ladies' lips.

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