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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Garage Sales

Walter and I hit the garage sales almost every Saturday. Seeing some of the items people attempted to sell prompted a few questions too rude to actually ask out loud.

To the woman selling the Baby Einstein videos and other educational videos: I want to see the child demonstrate some form of intelligence. Before investing 50 cents per video I would want the effectiveness of the videos demonstrated.

Kid, explain the Pythagorean Theorem.
What you don't know!
Ma'am, will you take 25 cents per video?

Forgetting my tied tubes for a moment, I believe my child would have an advantage over your Baby Einstein watching child because it would have two parents smart enough not to pay retail for Baby Einstein videos.

To everyone who tried to sell various ab exercisers: Show me your abs.

I witnessed a garage sale first - a person selling a fitness system who actually looked like they used it.

To the person selling the Carlton Sheets zero down payment real estate investing system videos: How much was the down payment on your house?

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