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Thursday, June 05, 2008

63 slides

I've spent most of today and several evenings scanning slides. 63 so far. I will see slides in my sleep. I scan two slides at a time on my home scanner and can scan 4 slides at a time on the work scanner.

The process has gone faster thanks to a faculty member who allowed me to take a scanner that he no longer uses. It's an Epson 4490 and I like it so far. It scans slides only up to 1200 DPI but that is better than the nothing that 2 HP scanners did.

If I receive a third HP scanner that does not fully function, I will definitely look at an Epson.

At least the slides have interesting content. Wolves in the high Arctic. Lots of wolf pup pictures.

Right now, I'm listening to my Julie London channel on Pandora. I got tired of scanning and color correcting slides for today.

Now, I go finish coloring and lettering the last You've Been Warned panel. I've put two hours into this panel so far.

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