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Friday, June 20, 2008

A UU Theme Park?

Mary Worth shakes the color out of those roses. I would love to see a live action version of this comic.

Now a peak into my cartoon idea generating process -

Bad theme parks:

  1. ActuaryLand (I don't know what an actuary does but it is always number one on the list of occupations that I would not like on every career interest test I've taken)
  2. JuniorHighWorld
  3. Pea-o-Rama
  4. Tibetan Book of the Dead Land (why should Judeo-Christian holy books have all the theme park fun?)
  5. DaliWood (a Salvador Dali theme park)
  6. UUWorld (I know that's the name of the magazine)

The four and five have the most potential, visually. Number three has a couple of easy laughs built in depending on the angle taken.

I like the comedic potential of a UU theme park. Any suggestions on attractions for UUWorld?


Robin Edgar said...

Well, for starters, the comedic potential for UUWorld could be significantly enhanced by using CUC Executive Director Mary Bennett's cat*ass*trophic "body modification" of the UU "corporate identity" acronym whereby she (presumably unwittingly) inserted famous UU (now famous U*U) Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s "picture of an asshole" aka an asterisk between the "twin cheeks" of UUism in order to symbolize the alleged "inclusiveness" of what is now known as the U*U World. ;-)

Robin Edgar said...

Oops! The cat*ass*trophic link should go here.

Kim said...

A La la coaster would be a good attraction. A coaster that is 300 ft high and then dips into water thru tunnel and waves up in the air after.

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