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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hot pockets in the den

I cannot count the number of times that I've sat in my den and the desire for a Hot Pocket hits me. I wanted a Hot Pocket but did not feel like traveling all the way to the kitchen to prepare one. I usually let the desire pass. Yes, I can be that lazy.

Ron Amalfi has solved his Hot Pocket dilemma by installing a microwave in his den. He does not have to tear himself away from the latest James Patterson thriller in order to prepare a Hot Pocket.

No wonder Mary let Jeff leave, Ron can enable her need to meddle and he has a microwave oven in his den. How cool is that? I bet a man who can afford a den microwave has a lot of money, more than a mere doctor.

Speaking of James Patterson, I drew the last You've Been Warned panel today. I still need to scan, color and add lettering but tomorrow I can resume drawing regular gag cartoons.

The Bryan-College Station Eagle has added comments to its online articles. You can't sent a letter to the editor anonymously but you can write whatever bit of ugliness you want anonymously. Real professional. Ugliness exists in the community but it does not need an anonymous public forum.

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