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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Exercise Log: June 2 -7

This week I ran, walked, biked, rowed and used the elliptical machine for 16.18 miles, burned 1382.4 calories and weigh 150.6 pounds.

Monday - used an elliptical machine (someone was using the rowing machine) 1.15 miles in 15:00
Tuesday - ran 3.27 miles in 35:00
Wednesday - biked 3.20 miles in 15:00
Thursday - ran 3.24 miles in 35:00
Friday - rowed 1.79 miles in 15:00
Saturday - walked 3.53 miles in 1:06:34

I got a good upper body workout on Saturday because I walked both Loki and Backpack. Their leashes are not the same length and they don't pull with the same intensity or in the same direction. It took about 5 minutes for me to get the hang of it. Loki got to go off leash when we went to the nature trail. That made things a bit easier for a mile and a half. I did have a bit of leash tangle just before reaching the house when an owner of a toy dog decided to just let her out to do her business. I managed to hold Loki back while the owner of the little dog called her off like I asked. Loki is not good with little dogs. Backpack was also interested in the little dog so he came round me. The little dog went away and I managed to scoot far enough away to disentangle my legs from the leashes.

I don't know what the deal is with owners of little dogs in my neighborhood. Almost all of the houses have fenced backyards but yet these people let their little dogs out to poop in the front. The little dogs don't stay in their own yards, they poop in other people's yards. I'm tempted to move some of Loki's man-sized dumps to their front yards. I have a long-handled shovel. See how they like dodging those land mines.

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