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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Quest for a Pair of Pants that Fit

I will go back to work tomorrow. Yesterday, I went on a quest for a pair of pants that fit. I failed with that but did buy some new underwear and shoes.

I feel like skulking around like Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon when I wear the shoes. He wore Pumas; mine are Asics but the general design is the same.

The new underwear look and feel great. I could have lived without the saleslady at Macy's crowding me while I was shopping. I've changed bra size again so Walter will take the bra and the receipt back to Macy's. He works at the mall so it is more convenient for him to do this. I measured again and gave him the correct size. Hopefully, this will just be an exchange. Assuming my size is in stock.

Taking a bra back to the store - another thing that should be added to the vows.

Does anyone make pants for a tall woman without a big belly? I tried several pants - most of them fit well around the legs but left a lot of room in the waist and hips. Enough room that I could remove the pants without unfastening or place both arms inside and still have space to spare. I found one pair that fit well in the waist but added material for curves in a place that I do not have curves. I hate clothes shopping so I probably gave up too soon. Three trips to the fitting room is my limit.

I just want a pair of pants.

I wonder what the people who make pants think of American women?

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