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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Here is Jam, the amazing fence leaping dog! Isn't she a pretty girl? She is available through She jumps the fence but does not stray far from the house. She was found this afternoon laying under one of the trees in the front yard.

This week I ran 10.17 miles burned 1,268.6 calories and weigh 165 pounds.
Monday walked 1.31 miles in 35 minutes
Wednesday ran 5K in 42:02
Friday ran 4.77 miles in 65 minutes

I skipped my Saturday run to work on the presentation that I gave in church this morning. The presentation went okay. I should have manually forwarded slides rather than use auto timing. But it is done. Most everyone enjoyed the cartoons. Nobody has threatened to throw me out. I'm never quite satisfied with anything that I do.

I taught the children the meaning of procrastination and a funny response if they are asked what is procrastination and I read them a Grimm Fairy Tale - The King and his Three Lazy Sons.

I did think of some Unitarian - Univerasalist heresy: BOB DYLAN SUCKS!

Let's see if that gets me excommunicated.

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