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Thursday, May 04, 2006

I don't feel like doing anything. It is that 4:45 malaise. Not enough time to start another project but still can't leave.

I'm learning Spanish using some Berlitz CDs I bought at a garage sale. I listen while driving. Yo escucho la CD. Yo escucho la CD de Espanol en mi coche. I'm working on thinking and talking not writing so I'm not sure it any of that is spelled correctly or even grammatically correct. I'm doing this not because I'm particularly interested in communicating with Spanish speaking people but to keep my mind from turning to mush.

Being able to say, "Control your damn children!, Shut the @#$% up and Why are you taking family planning advice from the Pope?" in Spanish would be a great side effect.

Sorry, that was mean. There are millions of Spanish speakers who ignore the Pope.

Hasta luego!

Son las Cinco!

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