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Friday, May 05, 2006

I did not go to the gym after work. I was tired. Instead went to Taco Cabana with Walter. Drank a margarita. The margaritas at Taco Cabana are quite strong. I had a nice buzz going before I was half finished.

I skipped the gym and my irrational fear of instantly regaining all of the weight I lost did not happen.

I got a decent night's rest. That probably did more for my health than any time in the gym.

I've written most of my presentation for this Sunday. There is more to say but I cannot come up with the words. I might go into the dangerous world of speaking off the cuff. Hopefully the cartoons will fill in the gaps.

I still haven't decided on a story for all ages - the children's story. The last time I did the children's story, it was a huge hit. I'm trying to avoid the pressure of living up to that performance.

I'm thinking about doing a live drawing. The whole program is about religion and cartoons. So, why not create a cartoon live? Sort of a goofy creation story.

In the beginning was a blank sheet of paper. The creator divided the blank sheet into panel and off panel. I sort of stuck there. I want to draw a funny scene and then let the kids attempt to come up with a punchline.

I find myself in this situation because of my own procrastination. This date was set several months of ago and I could have invited a professional cartoonist to speak. There are two that live nearby. But I let other things distract me and it became too late to extend the invitation and here I am about to bore the hell out of several people this Sunday. Removing the hell out of people is one of the functions of church but this is an Unitarian Universalist church and we don't believe in Hell in the eternal damnation sense.

Fortunately, the congregation as a whole is a forgiving group. This will be the last time that I test the extent of that forgiveness in the pulpit. I will have plenty of time to test the forgiveness if I get voted as Board of Trustees President. I've been the President-Elect for a year.

I'm excited.

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