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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Home Improvement

Walter and I worked together on our first home improvement project. Laid pavers to expand the back porch and filled in holes that Loki and various foster dogs have dug. Two trips to Lowe's and several hours of digging, leveling, loading and unloading. The project is not finished but Walter plans to continue work all next week. The project is mostly finished and looks good so far. I will post photos when complete.

I now weigh 157.6 pounds. I ran, biked and rowed 16.04 miles and burned 1254.1 calories. The patio project replaced my Saturday run.


carina said...

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Ronald Clark said...

I've also renovated my house not long ago, took me a while but found some very experienced lowell contractors. Everything turned in for the best tho, now I'm coming back to work after a stressful day to a beautiful and customized exactly to my specifications.