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Monday, April 14, 2008

Today's Lunch

Kashi Black Bean Mango as it appears on the package:

Kashi Black Bean Mango as it appears after microwaving:

The HEB in College Station had more varieties of the Kashi entrees than the Bryan store. Still looking for the elusive Lemongrass Coconut Chicken.


Charlie Talbert said...

You might like Amy’s frozen products. I do, very much. Their package representations more accurately represent what’s inside than do your examples – yikes!

You can see their product categories at .

Categories are listed on the left of the screen.

Here are my recommendations, For [category]

For Bowls – Brown rice, black eyed peas, and veggies (outstanding); and Teriyaki Bowl

For Indian – Indian Mattar Tofu and Indian Vegetable Korma

For Burritos – Indian Spinach Wrap, Bean and Rice Non Dairy, and Black Bean Vegetable.

For Asian Meals – Thai Stir Fry

These prepared meals can be pricy. They’re not something I routinely eat, but sometimes their convenience is worth it. The burritos are great for traveling. They’re delicious even unheated (at least the ones I’ve listed are).

Ms. Theologian said...

I vote for this one as the least similar to the photo on the package...