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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Work - Fun Balance

I found myself spending too much time on non-work related stuff so today I did things differently. Work with periodic short breaks for non-work. Worked pretty well and got a few things off my to do list.

My color printer is evil. It turns a seemingly simple job of printing invitations into a stressful chore, every damn semester. Features don't work consistently, random errors, printing in a layout exactly the opposite that I requested, not retaining the settings, taking up multiple sheets of paper and of course the random paper jam. The printer works fine for smaller jobs but for some reason the damn invitations causes it to go crazy. These things are printed on regular size sheets of paper and then cut and half so there goes the unusual paper size excuse. The amount of work that goes into these things - oh crap - I remembered the envelopes. Oh, the fucking envelopes. Really, this damn thing takes way too much of my time. Lots of people better show up for this event.

Rented Kung Fu Hustle from Netflix. Great movie. Stephen Chow must have realized that Kung Fu movies are rather absurd so he took it way over the edge. Don't eat or drink while watching this movie, otherwise you might choke or redecorate. Kung Fu action with cartoonish comedy and a bit of sweetness thrown in. I might buy a copy of this movie.

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