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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pancakes make people happy

A sign of the apocalypse - an amusing Drabble. I personally find pancakes more comforting than waffles. Probably stems from the love my grandmother put into making hers. She made pancakes in the shapes of animals. Her most impressive shape was a crescent moon with sharp points. A neat trick to perform with a semi-viscous liquid poured from a giant measuring cup.

Unlike Drabble, a non-amusing F Minus would signal the apocalypse. I so want to use that line but I never have an occasion to make a sandwich for a child. Please, someone use this line on my behalf if you encounter someone complaining about a sandwich with just the heels. I feed my bread heels to the dog. He never complains.

At least Francis managed to keep his bitterness at bay until he got out the door. He may have punted Momma before coming outside or used his huge feet to step on her.

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