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Friday, April 25, 2008

Today's Lunch: 4.25.2008

Kashi Chicken Florentine, the package:

The contents inside the package melted a bit and made the package wet.

The actual product after microwaving:

This is the last Kashi meal in my stash. I've documented all the Kashi entrees except for the Lemongrass Coconut Chicken. The Chicken Florentine is the most visually unappealing of all the Kashi meals and not all that tasty. I ate it but did not enjoy it.

I should have had what this guy is having:

It may lack visual appeal but at least he's enjoying the heck out of it. This image needs a slogan. Feel free to suggest one in the comments.

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TeacherPatti said...

I don't have a clever caption, but the look on his face is just darling. I wish I could say that I enjoyed my lunch as much on Friday. I had a bagel from Tim Horton's, violating both Passover & my non-chain restaurant stance. I neither ate it before I put the bag down nor did I smile like this dork did.