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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Blame me

Blame me, I voted.

Walter and I voted this morning. The line was a bit long; it was very short if your last name began with Gu - Z. This was for voter verification, once to the machine things went very quickly.

I joked with Walter that I still love him even though marrying him put me in the first part of the alphabet and into this long line.

I found the number of people having to think a while about where their last name fell in alphabetical order a bit disturbing. Maybe it was the early hour (7:30 am).

I would think Texas of all states would not have trouble with dual last names.

For some reason my maiden name ended up on the roll even though it was not like that for the primary. I just had to fill out a form and circle the error.

I was tempted to use my cell phone to take a picture of the screen before I cast my ballot but cell phones are not allowed. Both parties in Brazos County are pushing for machines with a paper trail.

A pundit on MSNBC actually said something interesting: Texas, because of its Hispanic population, has the potential to become a swing state in future national elections and that would be a nightmare for the Republican Party. 34 electoral votes in play. Take that Ohio and Pennsylvania! I'm not sure if I want this pundit's prediction to come to pass. Living in a solid color state has spared me most of the campaign ad ugliness.

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