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Friday, November 14, 2008

Caption Contest

A cartoon drawn using CorelDraw. Now I need some dialogue or a caption.

My self-esteem has been a bit high lately so I need to be brought down a notch. Therefore, I am holding a caption contest. No one will respond and I will be reminded how few people actually read this blog.

The "winning" caption will receive credit when this cartoon is uploaded to and if they are willing to send a mailing address, a random item from my house. Seriously, I will pack an item from my home into a box or envelope and mail it to the winner. I will ship to addresses outside the United States. The item will weigh less than a pound and be of uncertain use and value. I can guarantee that it will have some dust on it, which I will leave on as a bonus.

I put quotation marks around winning because no one will respond.

Yes, this is blatant comment whoring.

The contest closes whenever this entry no longer appears on the first page or if I think of something funny for the above cartoon.


patrickmurfin said...

"Don't worry. They can't tell she forgot to give you pants."

Robin Edgar said...

"And just who are you to complain about my mullet?" ;-)

patrickmurfin said...

I just thought of another one

"Your 15 minutes are over, Joe, just unclog the damn toilet."

Robin Edgar said...

Good one Patrick!