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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Caption Contest Winner

The caption contest has closed. I received responses from two people. Two people excited about the possibility of possessing some dust covered stuff from my house.

The captions:

These two from Patrick Murfin:
"Don't worry. They can't tell she forgot to give you pants."
"Your 15 minutes are over, Joe, just unclog the damn toilet."

One from Robin Edgar:
"And just who are you to complain about my mullet?" ;-)

The winner is Patrick's second caption.

Patrick will receive credit and a link when this comic is uploaded (Sunday evening - November 30) and if he is willing to send a mailing address to some random item of uncertain value and use from my house.

Since, I'm feeling generous Robin can also send a mailing address to receive a random item from my house. I will make sure to declare it properly on the customs forms.

This caption contest inspired a new creative project: Stuff all over the world. The title is from George Carlin's "A Place to Keep Your Stuff" I may not be able to travel the world but I can have stuff spread all over the world. If you want some of my stuff send a mailing address to I will send you something and in return I want a picture of my stuff in your possession or with a landmark in the background. The stuff will weigh less than 1 pound and non-religious in nature. I will do my best the respect the cultural sensibilities of other countries.


Patrick Murfin said...

I am humbled beyond words at this great honor! I have virtually no experience at winning anything, so someone will have to tie down my head to prevent massive swelling.

Robin Edgar said...

Woo hoo! I have virtually no experience at being runner-up. I usually win. ;-) I am however quite honored to lose to Patrick Murfin in this particular contest. Feel free to email me at to obtain my snail mail address.