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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I promised I would not let emotions take over...

To paraphrase the great John Wayne:
I voted for him, he will be my president and I hope he does a good job.

White people love their apologies. I apologize for the Texas A&M chapter of the Young Conservatives and Ashley Todd.

How could I not include this cartoon in today's blog? Change the hair color to blonde and it would be a decent cartoon likeness.
I managed to not watch television this morning and did not turn on the radio in the car. The silence in the car was good. I think I will continue that practice on the drive to work.
I read blogs and the online edition of the B/CS Eagle. Seriously, Eagle dump the reader comments. Stop giving the ugly a forum. This crap would not see print in the dead tree version of the bird, so why lower your standards for online edition? At least hire a moderator.
Hooray for South Dakota! Hooray for Michigan! Hey, Utah! WTF You doing in California's business? California, fund a proposition in Utah banning the wearing of underwear. If Utah (UTAH!!? DEFINING MARRIAGE!) can dictate to California who should get married then California should get to dictate something to Utah. Or at least have some its citizens be less than equal. Fair is fair.

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