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Monday, December 10, 2007


I find this Momma comic strip creepy. As I thought about this Momma comic strip, the fact that I spent time thinking about Momma caused a small part of me to die, not with a scream and a fight but a resigned whimper. I would curse Mell Lazarus but because of the clouds and Monday, I cannot muster the strength.

I suspect the little bits of selves that Mell Lazarus kills with his comic strip sustains his life beyond his allotted years. Somehow Mell Lazarus has developed the technology to capture those little bits of self for his own use. Multiply the number of papers and the number of readers plus the online readers and it is like receiving a single penny from everyone in the world. (Someone else can delve into the implications and irony of Mell's last name.)

Momma, Cathy and other crappy comic strips that still take up space in the newspapers - proof that the invisible hand of the market does not work.

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Ms. Theologian said...

That is indeed a creepy strip. It always seemed to me that there is essentially one joke (Momma feels inappropriately abandonned by her kids) that is beaten over the head.