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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Mary Worth

Oh boy, Chihuahua lady you have no idea who you are blaming. You blame the Mary Worth. The Mary Worth can turn you into dust with a withering stare and a platitude. "This is all your fault, lady!" will be your last words. You are so dead. You and your little dog, too.

On a semi-serious note, someone needs to bitch slap Chihuahua lady and stuff her retractable leash up her most convenient orifice. You can't control or protect a dog properly with a retractable leash. What kind of weakling gets tugged off balance by a f*ck!ng Chihuahua on a retractable leash!?

Chihuahua lady's behavior is causing me to feel sympathy toward Mary Worth and for that Chihuahua lady deserves to die.

Taking a second look maybe Chihuahua lady was saying "Aaugh!" because of some off panel humping. This leads me to dislike Chihuahua lady even more.

My website was unavailable for updating last night. It finally came back online at 8:30 am.

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