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Monday, December 17, 2007

Exercise Log

Last week I biked, ran, rowed and walked 20.78 miles, burned 1,280.9 calories and weigh 175 pounds.

Monday: Bike - 15 minutes, 2.47 miles
Tuesday: Run - 35 minutes, 3.03 miles
Wednesday: Elliptical machine - 15 minutes, 1.11 miles
Friday: Bike - 20 minutes, 4.19 miles
Saturday: Row - 20 minutes, 2.7 miles; Bike - 25 minutes, 5.35 miles; Run - 25 minutes, 1.93 miles

This week:
Monday and Friday: Elliptical machine and upper body weight training
Tuesday and Thursday: 30 minute run
Wednesday: Bike and lower body weight training
Saturday: 20 minutes each - rowing, bike and running

I registered for the 3M Half Marathon in Austin. This will be my second half marathon. The only thing I really liked about school was getting new school supplies. Each runner receives a bag of 3M products; 3M manufactures a lot of school and office supplies. I'm gonna do it for the Post-it Notes and Scotch tape.

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