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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Like, engage, dude.

An image for the cooler temperatures: I got this from some one's Flickr photostream but I don't remember the user name or the location. Good Photoshop work. The image made me laugh.

Curtis' younger brother makes a cameo appearance in Family Circus.

I don't get the joke. I want to get it. Somebody help me, please.

Loki woke me up last night so that I would let him out. He grabbed one of the legs of my pajama pants and pulled in an effort to make me go to the back door faster. This only resulted in a half-asleep Linda attempting to walk off balance. I walked into the hallway wall. When Loki, 75 pounds of Bullmastiff/ Pit Bull mix with the head the size of a regulation volleyball, has to go out at night he has to carry something outside with him. A stuffed animal, a toy or in the case of last night, a towel that was on the kitchen floor. He has attempted to drag his bed outside if he could not find anything else. I draw the line there. He has to drag this stuff out but does not feel the need to take anything back inside. At 6:30 this morning, I traipsed barefooted across a cold, wet backyard to retrieve the towel he dragged out. I don't understand the reason for Loki's behavior but I find it sort of amusing.

During the winter break, I will make a trip in the backyard and pick up all the stuff Loki has dragged out and wash what I can. It will all end up in the backyard eventually.

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