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Thursday, December 06, 2007

What's more fun?

Two slide presentation themed comics. These appeared back to back on my comics page.

Granny gets all Zen on Billy's ass.
What's more fun than watching a bunch of little kids stuttering off-key through the holiday classics? Wrist slashing, fingernail removal, water boarding, watching a PowerPoint presentation presented by someone who just reads the damn slides, bikini waxing, listening to Mannheim Steamroller's non-Christmas music,

reading Mary Worth comics, writing little critiques of Mary Worth comics on an obscure blog, reading other blogs that skewer Mary Worth, making YouTube videos of Mary Worth, watching live action productions of Mary Worth comics, trying to figure out the floor plan of spaces in Mary Worth comics, and this list could go on.

One of several Christmas annoyances: Sleigh only has one syllable. Remember that when singing, Jingle Bells. It is even more annoying when children sing sleigh as a two syllable word.

Back to Mary Worth - only one fish on the wall but bigger. Are the fish eating each other? Maybe the fish triggers a secret door in the wall. The couple from yesterday knew about it and now the waiter heads for the wall.

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