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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ooo! Shiny Object!

YouTube, the shiny object that diverts my attention.

The Causey Family Newsletter: Read Linda's blog. Hey, it's mostly other people's comics and ads!

At church, the subject of reading "Ulysses" came up. It was something a lot of us suffered through (my high school English teacher's Joyce weapon of choice was "The Dead") but not nearly as much as a former Board President. Because of his blindness, he had to listen to records of James Mason reading "Ulysses". That pretty much put suffering through James Joyce in perspective.

Mary Worth has contracted an unusual strain of Asberger's. She won't make eye contact with books or animals. Chester's original dialogue - WTF!

What sort of hybrid is the bear/ kangaroo offspring? Does he have a pouch or any other kangaroo characteristics? Where did his mom's tail go? Did the couple use a surrogate female bear?
Hey, Beavis! Bare ass on the funny pages!


Anonymous said...

I teach students who are blind and visually impaired and now I have a new punishment in my arsenal: Ulysses, on CD. Hee hee.

Robin Edgar said...

Here's some more bear U*U on the funny pages for you to get a giggle out of Toonhead. ;-)

Yes U*Us *are* pretty good at coming up with their own comedy material. Even quite unintentionally. . .

Robin Edgar said...

Oops! Meant to say "bare U*U" of course.