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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A little experiment

This is a little experiment to determine how long it would take to for a Ron Paul supporter to respond to this post. It would also give me some idea of how many people actually read this blog. I have received a few surprises before. For example, a post complaining about my internet service provider got the attention of someone who works for my ISP.

I intend to vote in the Republican primary but am still undecided about which one. Not completely accurate. I have decided on a couple that I won't vote for - Tom Tancredo and Alan Keyes. Sam Brownback dropped out but he was also one I did not intend to vote for.

I actually like Ron Paul - the man, most of his record and ideas. I want to see Ron Paul do well in the early primaries because I would love to see the voice of the people, if indeed the internet buzz and fundraising really does represent the majority of people, overrule the voices of the pundits. I would also love to see this early state primary business eliminated and replaced with a nationwide primary or caucus. As a compromise, every 4 years the rest of the states' residents will pretend to care about the opinions of the residents of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Back to Ron Paul. I can see myself voting for him and agreeing with most of his ideas as long as I stay away from his supporters. Paul's candidacy has attracted a variety of people and some of those people have some nutty ideas.

My impression of the general structure of a pro Ron Paul posting or video:

1. Reasonable idea
2. Reasonable idea
3. Reasonable idea
4. Batshit insane and/or stupid idea having no grounding in reality or that history has proven completely unworkable
5. Conspiracy theory

This only applies to the longer Ron Paul posts or videos. The more succinct ones go straight to the conspiracy theory and the url. I usually go away when the stupid idea or the conspiracy theory pops up.

Just because Michael Chertoff bears a resemblence to Vladimir Lenin does not make Chertoff a Bolshevik or Neo-Con.

I've mentioned Ron Paul six times. I understand that is the magic number to that causes a supporter to appear.

Let the experiment begin.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a Ron Paul supporter, but I love the idea of a nationwide caucus. I live in MI and we are being "boycotted" and crapped on by the pundits for scheduling an early primary. I still have no clue which primary I am voting in or who I am voting for. I just can't get into Ron Paul though, because he is forced birth. I don't mind Guiliani though (even though he has his issues, as well).

Toonhead said...

It's Paul's stand on civil liberties, the Iraq war and tax reform that interest me. The pro-life thing is problematic but there is not a candidate that I agree with on everything.

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