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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Radio M*A*S*H - Day Three

Got toys for over 1,000 children today. Have a little over 1,100 children left. We hope to have all the orders completed by dinner time on Sunday. We battened down the hatches because rain is expected tomorrow.
A child from Carver Elementary will be receiving a giant crocodile for Christmas.

Why does everything have to be pink?

Volunteers from A&M Consolidated High School FFA filling orders. Bryan High School Air Force JROTC, Girl Scouts, TAMU students, Bryan Bombshells, Boy Scouts, a 12 year old boys' baseball team, families and others whose affiliation I did not catch also helped in many ways.

A troop of Cub Scouts dropping off toy donations.

Texas Army National Guard with some heavy equipment and climbing wall on display. I was tempted to give the wall a try but never got around to it.

Texas Army National Guard recruits.
A Gremlin in the parking lot.

One of the radio station people took a picture of me imitating an expression on a doll that was donated. The doll had a very scary grimace on its face.

The pictures are getting fewer and fewer during each passing day. Tomorrow, I might have one or two photos.

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