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Saturday, December 29, 2007

What's that smell?

The roof is fixed. The job was completed by 3:00. Now, I need to contact a drywall person to fix a bit of the ceiling.

Found out today why Loki's farts have been unusually stinky this week. I was working in the backyard and saw Loki pick up something and chew and tear at it for a while. He would stop and bark at things and then resume his work on the object. I was afraid to get up close and find out what it was but it did stink. Walter came home and I told him about the stench in the backyard and pointed out to him the last place Loki dropped the thing. The source of the stink was the remnants of a dead squirrel.

I don't know if the squirrel dropped dead and Loki found it or if Loki captured and killed it. It had been in the backyard for a while. It would also explain the clumps of fuzz that I had picked up.

Walter disposed of the squirrel corpse in the trash can. There was no other location that would not cause a problem for neighbors and other animals. The joys of urban life.

Loki has not passed any unusually noxious gas so far this evening.

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