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Friday, December 21, 2007

Die, Chihuahua Lady, Die

What is going on with Mary Worth's hand in the first panel?

I'm hating Chihuahua lady more and more. First, she uses a retractable leash and then has the audacity to lecture Mary Worth about dog control. Second, I find myself defending Mary Worth and feeling sympathy toward her.

Mad props to Karen Moy for writing a character more loathsome than Mary Worth herself.

I want to see Chihuahua lady go down like Aldo Kelrast but because Chihuahua lady deserves it, Karen Moy will deny me. I want a fiery end but Karen Moy will deliver a lame segue into another plot and I will keep reading and hoping despite past experience.

I have no problems with Chihuahuas and other toy breeds. I've interacted with some very delightful small dogs and my parents own a Pomeranian. The retractable leash and the lady's attitude irritate me. I would find the attitude and leash irritating regardless of the breed of dog at the end.

While on the subject of dog behavior, I will plug this Behavior Workshop hosted by Woodstock Animal Foundation of Texas.

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wanders said...

A merry Christmas to all lovers of train wrecks, auto accidents and Mary Worth. All equally fascinating.