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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Blogger ate another post. I walked over 8,000 steps yesterday. There was only one goofy spam name and no Zen Koans.

It looks like our adoption of a Quaker parrot and/or a Cockatoo will not happen. The lady wants to keep them together so -they are going to another home. I guess if it does not work out then we are next in line. Right now, one bird is proving to be a handful. I have to keep Salvador off the back of my monitor to prevent him from chewing printer and monitor cords. He is walking around my mouse and+ keyboard chewing on my mousepad and a small white board I keep at my desk. That is why there are random letters and symbols appearing in this post. I used to write small notes on the white board but since Sal has chewed up most of the writing surface I have it as a chewing surface and perch for Sal. It keeps the bird poo off the keyboard.

I start teaching Sunday school tomorrow. Pray for me and the kids.

This week I ran 22 miles, burned 2,619.8 calories and weigh 167.1 pounds. So far this year I have ran 487 miles and burned 63,039 calories.

Dinner is ready, I'm starved, let's eat.

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