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Monday, September 27, 2004

I walked 6,010 steps.

Walter bought me a Brian, from Family Guy, action figure at RMTranscon. It is really cool. It is sitting on top of my computer speakers.

I visited my mother yesterday, for her birthday. I ate so much food that I was miserable.

Today, I ate lunch with Walter and his mother. It was kind of a slow day at work but it is good to have slow days once in a while.

I'm still compiling my first list of panels to send to United Media. The folks at rec.arts.comicstrips were helpful in directing me to some names to address my cover. It is better to address names rather than titles.

I just finished reading a report and right now I feel a little underappreciated. I feel underappreciated for myself and Walter. Of course, a lot has happened since the information for that report was compiled. All things are fleeting, including these feelings.

Goofy spam names of the day:
Cartier J. Revenge
Disenchanted P. Kabob
Solicits M. Claimants
Faulted M. Ale
Meagerness E. Roadways
Nathropoids V. Subornation
Sincere Koenig
Engraves I. Ortiz
View B. Idiomatic
Register A. Calico

I do these things because they need to be done and I have the strength to do them. That is my gift.

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