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Saturday, September 04, 2004

On Friday, I walked 4,310 steps. This week I ran 18.56 miles, burned 2217.3 calories and weigh 167.1 pounds.

Today we visited a couple of birds that we might be adopting. They seemed like very nice and sweet birds. The Cockatoo is going to someone else on a trial basis but if that does not work out then we are next in line. It looks like we have a shot at the Quaker parrot. The Quaker is very attached to its current human so it will take a lot of patience. The lady's husband is having a liver transplant and will not be allowed to live with birds. She is quite upset about the whole thing wants to be sure that her birds end up in a nice home. We hope that we can adopt both the birds.

I'm taking a Yoga class once a week to improve my flexibility and balance.

I ran 7 miles in less than a hour and a half. My goal time was 1-1/2 hours. During the last quarter mile my right hamstring was trying to knot up. It still is quite sore. I've been stretching it. Maybe tonight, I can get a massage.

Yes, my life is as boring as this blog. All in all, I like it that way. People with boring lives are the only ones that have time to blog.

Goofy spam names of the day:
Signatories D. Rosetting
Slather G. Guadalcanal
Flatulent I. Kingly
Wildcatted I. Swelled
Halfback E. Tossup
Psychs R. Retold
Berrying R. Yardstick
Dismally I. Disregarded
Actively G. Hedonism
Ethelred J. Bigmouth
Insoluble O. Repast

I live in interesting times. My life does not need to be interesting.

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