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Sunday, September 19, 2004

I'm whoring now. They will begin appearing on my other pages. Not all of them, just ones that have the two column table layout. I'm going to have fun tweaking the ads, placing random words in this blog to see if the box picks up on it. If anything of interest to you shows up in the XXXXX Ad, XXXXX and I will get a bit of pocket change. It will keep me off the street and they are better than pop-ups. I provide funny cartoons, clip art and other funny stuff for free without asking intrusive questions, annoying pop-ups and registration requirements. I do this because I love drawing and writing funny stuff.

I would love to draw and write funny stuff for a living. The revenue might bring me closer to that dream or at least help pay off MasterCard. MasterCard, what an appropriate name.

Goofy spam names and Zen Koans of the day:
Will I look like in my 20s if I wear that funny cloth again?
Onyx L. Glass
Inertial G. Aye
Incapacitates E. Glycerine
Today we will prevail, said Louie
Kwakiutl I. Catastrophe
Glimpsing M. Manhunt


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