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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I have a new foster dog. His name is Loki, he is a Bull Mastiff mix. He has the most interesting brindle markings - sort of like a Tasmanian Tiger. I will post pictures soon.


I need to go see a doctor. Apparently, I've been blacking out. I notice it when someone states an opinion but I never remember asking for the opinion. Nobody I know is rude enough to share an opinion without some sort of signal that I was interested so therefore I must be blacking out when I give that signal.


I've heard stories of Pit Bulls, Rotwiellers and other dog breeds attacking 3-year-olds out of the blue. The dogs in these stories are well-trained, well-behaved, sweet, affectionate animals. But one day for no reason the dog attacks a 3-year-old. The 3-year-olds are never killed but the dog is put to sleep and everyone is left scratching their heads wondering what made the dog behave like that.

My theory - these dogs can see into the future. Humans see an innocent 3-year-old but the dogs see a future brutal dictator or serial killer. Since dogs do not possess language skills that humans can comprehend they cannot simply yell, "Hey, that's the anti-Christ!" or the next Hitler, Pol Pot, or Jeffrey Dahmer.

Spay and neuter your pets and children and keep them contained at all times.

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