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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Loki has a playmate until Saturday. Her name is Addie and she is a brindle German Shepard mix. They managed to turn on the outside faucet and created quite a mudhole in the yard. Addie being the longer haired dog that is more difficult to clean will wallow in the mud. At least it will keep both dogs out of trouble.

If Loki is the one that opened the gate and turned on the faucet he should be adopted by one of those organizations that train dogs to assist the handicapped. A Bull Mastiff mix assistant dog - that would be interesting.

Loki is not ready to appear at adoptions. He still has to receive some shots and a microchip.

Addie is available and you can check her out at She has a really soft coat which will be quite dirty when I get home. She will need a bath Saturday morning.

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