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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Things I know that I wish I didn't:

  1. The effects of eating 3 bowls of BooBerry Cereal on the bowels
  2. What it feels like to have a needle stuck into an open wound
  3. What an earthworm tastes like
  4. The keyboard short cut for undo
  5. What is like to become drunk to the point of passing out
  6. The name of the dog on the Brady Bunch
  7. What hives feels like
  8. How painful blistered skin is
  9. What scalding hot water poured over my head feels like
  10. How long it takes a toenail to grow once it has been completely removed
  11. The shame of saying something stupid and hurtful. The kind of shame that haunts you even after years have gone by.
  12. What is like to hurt my parents
  13. "Correct" usage of certain racial epithets
  14. The point of view of some ugly people and understanding how they could come to that conclusion
  15. What the inside of the county jail looks like
  16. Pea gravel passes through a dog unchanged
  17. Mr. Spock's blood type
  18. I really like the song "Come Sail Away" by Styx
  19. How inadequately prepared I was for adulthood
  20. Being called an asshole and realizing that the description was accurate at the time
  21. People not laughing at my jokes
  22. Just how few people whose company I genuinely enjoy
  23. Not being able to round out this list with something light and amusing

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