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Monday, April 10, 2006

Last week I ran 12.39 miles and burned 1,723.1 calories. I weigh 160.8 pounds.

Wednesday, I ran 5K in 46:13.

The people who live behind me have bought turkeys. One tom and 3 hens. I hear them gobble in the morning. If it starts to stink, I'm calling the city. The birds are not a nuisance at this point and I don't plan on doing anything unless they become one. Right now, they are cool. The tom has already had a talk with the dogs next door to him.

Our backyard is very natural and there are a lot of wild birds using it. The city may not appreciate the "urban wildscape". The cardinals, blue jays, mockingbirds, sparrows, doves, finches and one fat squirrel appreciate it.

Dogs have made a paths so that one can navigate through our wild land.

I will be temp fostering another puppy this weekend. His name is Bailey and he is very smart. He should enjoy frolicking in the backyard. He might even go talk to the turkeys.

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