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Saturday, April 29, 2006

This week I ran 15.15 miles, burned 1,892.7 calories and weigh 164.7 pounds.

So far this year I've ran 318.6 miles and burned 38,270.2 calories.

Monday walked 1.26 miles in 35 minutes
Wednesday ran 5K in 43:04
Friday ran 4.82 miles in 65 minutes
Saturday ran 5.75 miles in 65 minutes

Loki got adopted! He went to his new home today. His new parents are a nice young couple with a Golden Retriever. They went to a special adopt-a-thon at Central Park to just look around. They wanted to add a Bull Mastiff to the family when they moved into their new home but they saw Loki and fell in love and decided to adopt him. They will move into their new home in a month. Loki gets along great with the Golden Retriever.

I've washed the bowls, old t-shirts and put up the toys in preparation for the next dog. I think it is going to be Loki's sister.

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