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Friday, April 07, 2006

I read the comic strip, Mary Worth, because it is funny. Funny for the wrong reasons. Today the comedy is the coloring.

Are they drinking ketchup, blood or fruit punch from a wine type bottle?

This dinner party has been going for a week now.


I have achieved full "dorkness". I'm wearing sandals with socks. Nice whit and gray running socks with a padded bottom and high tech fiber that wicks away moisture and prevents chafing but still socks with sandals. "Uberdorkness" would be black dress socks. I have worn the sandals without socks around the house but I did not want to do this at work because it would lead to questions that I do not want to answer.

It is safer to be a dork than to reveal a minor neurosis to my co-workers. It's not the kind of thing that disrupts my life. It only affects the kind of footwear I wear in public but I would rather not deal with the scrutiny. Plus it is kind of gross.

I can overcome this like I did with nail biting and when that day comes my feet feel the wind and the sun upon them, in public. Better not forget the sunscreen.

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