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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Suggestions to promote harmony in the work place:

  1. If you need to flush twice, then flush twice. Flush as many times as necessary. Also, consider a change in diet.
  2. Learn the difference between reply to sender and reply to all.
  3. Daily e-mail reminders are not necessary.
  4. I assume everyone that works here is an adult. I have certain expectations of my fellow adults. If you have failed to master the basic skills of adulthood (for reasons other than disability), it is not my problem. It is your problem, fix it. There is a large pool of resources to help but first you must acknowledge that you are the one that is defective.
  5. There rarely is a bad time to shut the @#$% up. One with a shut @#$% does not know the taste of leather, rubber, suede or vinyl. Shut @#$%s rarely irritate co-workers.
  6. If I am on fire I'm likely the first person aware of it. Try informing of things I do not know. I am not a mind reader.
  7. Yes, I like to grow as a person. That's my problem not yours. Some of this growth benefits the workplace other growth benefits myself only. Try to find meaning in your own life.
  8. I like this job but you still have to pay me to be here. Please keep that in mind.
  9. I am different than you. This is one of the basic skills that should be mastered before adulthood - understanding that people are different.
  10. The nature of reality does not change simply because you say so or it is different in your mind. If it happened one way in front of witnesses, saying it happened differently will not change events. You are not powerful to repeat a lie several times until it becomes the truth. That is a skill of the government, media, religious leaders and people with a bit of charisma.

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