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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Armadillo Dash

According to the time I took myself, I ran the Armadillo Dash Half Marathon in 2:48:03. Official time may differ. If I want to to improve my time I will need to train specifically for these events rather than just signing up and running. I'm proud of the progress I've made in my own physical fitness that I can just sign up and run in a half marathon. I ran preceding two half marathons but nothing over 3.5 miles, just my normal non-training running.

Here are a few pictures my husband took:
Crossing the start line. I'm the one in the yellow shirt and shades.
In the final stretch.
Walter says hi and I look.
Trying to force my body to go a bit faster in this final stretch. It was a gorgeous day - high temp of 72 degrees F. A bit windy.

More pictures that Walter took from the 2008 Armadillo Dash can be found on Flickr at this URL:

For the first time I bled at a race. I felt my toenail on my fourth toe rub against my third toe. I noticed it but did not think much of it. When I came home Walter helped me take off my shoes and noticed a bit of blood on my right shoe. The sock had bloodstains and when the sock came off my third and fourth toes were covered in blood. With all that blood I expected a rather large gash. The wound is only about 5mm but boy did the blood flow. I will need to trim that toenail.

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