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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Exercise Log

Did not update cartoons because of thunderstorms over the past two days.

This week I ran, rowed and cycled 22.68 miles, burned 1389.2 calories and weigh 169.7 pounds. Tracking my food on Spark People has really helped me become more mindful of what I eat.

Monday: Bike - 3.01 miles in 15:00
Tuesday: Run - 3.27 miles in 35:00
Wednesday: Row - 1.29 miles in 10:00
Friday: Bike - 3.92 miles in 20:00
Saturday: Row - 3.17 miles in 25:00, Bike - 5.72 miles in 30:00, Run - 2.30 miles in 30:00
On the run I started at my planned speed but then I felt a sharp pain on the inside of my left knee so I slowed down until the pain went away. I then slowly worked my way up to speed and the pain did not return. I stretched a bit too far on Friday and that hurt my knee a bit. I needed more recovery time.

Next week's plan:
Monday - row and strength training
Tuesday - 30 minute run
Wednesday - bike and strength training
Thursday - celebrating my birthday - try to see Spirit of the Marathon
Friday - 30 minute run
Sunday - Armadillo Dash Half Marathon

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