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Friday, February 08, 2008

Day 26

Mary Worthless Mary Worth: Day 26.

In Santa Royale, battleship gray is the new black. After 26 days Drew and Vera could at least order some food.

Vera does have two hours to kill before Ryan comes back so she starts a new topic. This could go on another 26 days.

I've added a poll to the right side bar.

What will happen first?

  • My 39th birthday (Feb. 21)
  • Mary Worth reappearing in her comic
  • The sun going nova
  • A definite Democratic Party nominee

Vote often, early and do not worry about the super delegates.

1 comment:

TeacherPatti said...

I love how the lady's bag is patterned after that display of the orange donut/bagels. That's just good planning on the part of the owner of the coffee shop.