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Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 29 - Guard Rails

I don't get the joke and Glinda the good witch did not have green skin or wear black. Details people, pay attention to the details.

Since the Kelrast crash, the city of Santa Royale has installed guard rails. Good for them.

We all need to get away.

Three more exclamation points for Drew.

Remember, boys and girls, Drew is a comic strip character, driving while upset is dangerous in reality.


The process of writing down feelings can be useful in ferreting out what really is wrong. I spent 20 minutes typing about some work issues. The whole thing boils down to uncertainty and being ignored. I just deleted all the details but the writing process helped clarify things. Still uncertain as to whether or not to approach my supervisor about these things. Some acknowledgement would help but I don't feel it appropriate for me to seek it.

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