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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Exercise Log

This week I ran, biked and rowed 20.62 miles, burned 1542.9 calories and weigh 171.1 pounds.

Monday: rowed 1.34 miles in 10:00
Tuesday: ran 3.32 miles in 35:00
Wednesday: biked 3.10 in 15:00
Friday: ran 1.33 miles in 20:00
Saturday: rowed 3.18 miles in 25:00, biked 5.75 miles in 30:00 and ran 2.60 miles in 30:00

Next week's plan:
Monday: Cycling and weight training
Tuesday: 30 minute run
Wednesday: Rowing and weight training
Friday: Cycling and weight training
Saturday: rowing, cycling and running 25 minutes each

Skipping Thursday for Valentine's Day.

I plan to run in the Armadillo Dash, a local half marathon, on February 24th.

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