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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The devil is an old lady in a pink pantsuit

A short list of the flaws in Mary Worth's suggestion:

  1. Dr. Jeff is retired thus has the luxury of traveling to a foreign land and doing good work. He would have that luxury if Mary Worth would let him. Dr. Drew is employed at a hospital.
  2. Mary, do you know whether or not Drew has a speciality that would meet the needs of the children at Peace Village? We have not seen Drew with an actual patient. He could be a pathologist or a medical examiner.
  3. Nothing to cure the sadness brought on by a broken heart than working with poor, deformed children in a third world country. Yeah, that ought to cheer Drew right up. If you really want to cheer him up how about suggesting that he go to Darfur?
  4. Christ Mary, let the man have some fun. He could take you and Jeff sailing in the Caribbean or skiing in St. Moritz. It would be better than you and Jeff's usual dates. Watching paint dry would be more exciting than one of your dates. Probably did the watching paint dry thing on the third or fourth date.
  5. Browbeating someone to serve others really motivates that spirit of altruism.
  6. Mary let Dr. Jeff go back to Peace Village and continue his work. This is Jeff's calling not Drew's and no amount of meddling will change that. If you really love Jeff you would support him in his pursuing his calling.
  7. Drew may find his own calling - rescuing his father from the clutches of evil

This illustrates what I enjoy about Mary Worth - she has this facade of sweetness and good intentions but deeper analysis reveals something a bit more sinister. Reminds me that the devil does not wear horns or Prada.

Sort of reminds me of an influential member of my church but quite capable of expressing real love unlike Mary Worth. They possess a strong desire for things to remain as they are even if it is detrimental to the church as a whole. I've attempted to voice my concern about this once. A small number of people have alluded to it but I don't know if it is just me and a couple of people or if a larger group has concerns. I wonder if anyone has really put it together. I understand this person's desire to keep their beloved community and not have anything negative breach that community but there is a reality and other people. I guess that is where the community comes in - minister to this person, acknowledge fears and concerns and prove that the changes will make the beloved community stronger, safer and more inclusive. How to even begin that process? I don't know.

Funny, I wonder if anyone in the church views me as a barrier like a I view this member?

I would rather receive the picture. Mom has no appreciation for fine art.

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Anonymous said...

So...Dr. Drew can go to St. Moritz, the Caribbean, OR slave away for the rest of his life at "Peace Village" in Vietnam?!?
Since it's been established that Vera doesn't love him, it's highly unlikely that she's gonna fly out to Vietnam and save Drew, as Mary did for Dr. Jeff...come to think of it, NO woman in her right mind would do such a thing for Drew. Perhaps he should just mosey on over to the nearest pick-up bar, toss his BMW keys on the counter and loudly announce that he's a single MD--much better than malaria, dysentery, etc. of SE Asia.
Meanwhile, Mary, having already beaten Jeff into submission, and now about to rid herself of Drew, begins to focus her attention on Drew's sister, Adrian. BWUH-HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!